Wednesday, September 17, 2008

These are the first tomatoes of the season. The garden has lain fallow for several years. I guess it liked that because this year it has yielded us some great squash, pumpkin, peppers, and tomatoes. We planted mid-June thinking nothing much would come of it. Boy are we ever surprised. The squash and pumpkin leaves have grown to be enormous. Pic on the right is a growing pumpkin. The flower is a squash blossom. It was larger than my hand. The colors in this garden are vibrant. I love just sitting in it and breathing in the green growing smells of it. As the garden grows it is escaping the garden and growing into the bushes and up the fence. One branch of pumpkin is over 20 feet long with those huge elephant ear leaves. The squash mountain was nearly impenetrable. Later I will post pictures of the fruit. We have been eating and freezing the early fruits of the garden but if the weather holds, there will be much more.


Anonymous said...

You lied... you are a very talented person. Your quilts are beautiful, you do great scrapbooking and card making, your embroidery is wonderful. Don't ever say you have no talents.
Your garden is great

Laurie said...

Your garden is awesome! And what a great photographer you are.

You are a woman with MANY talents. I wish I lived closer to you.