Thursday, September 25, 2008

Squmpkins .....

I found a surprise in the garden tonight. The squash and pumpkin have branched out so much that were have not been able to look for fruit in the bushes and trees where they have grown out to. With the cold weather the foliage is dying back and WHA AA LA .... Tonight we found 2 very large squmpkins! Cross bred squash/pumpkins …. Hiding in the bushes. I am so surprised that we have missed them because they are huge. The real orange pumpkins are only a quarter of the size of these squmpkins. I don’t know if I want to carve them for Halloween or cook them. : ) It was too dark to take pictures of them so tomorrow after a couple of mystery shops I have a mission to take pictures of them. Perhaps we will have the only green pumpkins in town sitting on the porch on Halloween.

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