Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smitten with Knittin

So, I have become obsessed with knitting again. I have found the wonderful world of knitting looms. I have made baby afghans, socks, dish cloths, dog sweaters, purses, hats and scarves. Loom are so much fun to work with and the project goes much faster. With all the great yarns out there now, all I need is a good sale on yarn and I am looming again. Here are a couple of pictures of loomies ....

I loomed sweaters for Nicole's dog, both of Brandon's dogs, and also for my dogs. When I get pictures (maybe I should say IF I ever get pictures of all the dogs together) of these dogs in their sweaters I will post them. Most of the sweaters are made from the same yarn so they will be twins. I also made Nicole's dog a froggy hat and sweater so she can be a frog for halloween. She looks so funny in her costume. I wish she would come trick-or-treating here for pictures.

I have also been knitting dishcloths. Forget the old boring plain dishcloth. Now they have personality and flair. Thanks to the yahoo groups I am a member of and all the generous and friendly people there I will never make a boring plain old dishcloth again. Here are pictures of two cloths I finished today. Have been making several cloths a month. My stash is getting big.

Can you see the butterfly? There are zillions of designs that people have generously made available for group members to use to make these fun dishcloths. I have been able to share a moose with Mom and a cat with Julie. Poor Laurie is getting a spider and web ...... but it was sure fun to make.

I am also experimenting with my first pair of 2 at a time socks. You knit them on the circular able needles and work both of the at the same time. This is GREAT because they end up being the same size and length. No more guessing or remembering row counts. I really hope they turn out and I want to make more this way.

Yesterday I started another sock on an oval extra fine gauge sock loom and I am wondering how this thing I am making is ever going to become a sock that can actually be worn. BUT, I have faith in the pattern so I will keep working on it and soon post a picture of this sock if it ever turns out.

Recommended fun read: Puddlejumpers by Mark Jean and Christopher C. Carlson
It is a fun book that is great for kids to read also. Come and see my bookshelf on Shelfari . What are you reading?

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