Monday, September 22, 2008

AH! My first 2 at a time socks are finished. They turned out pretty good except I do not have a small enough set of cable needles. The recipe says you should have a 40" cable and a size 2 needle. Do you know how hard it is to find 40" cables anywhere in town? I have searched everywhere. All any stores around here carry are 29" in the smaller needles and if you are lucky enough to find a 36" cable, the needles are always 13, or larger. Brother!

All the knitting/yarn shops are shutting down around here. So are a lot of other small stores (like the scrapbooking stores). I found a new kind of sock yarn with a little stretch in it at Hobby Lobby and am excited to use it for my next pair of socks.

Here is a fun recipe:
preheat your bar-b-que grill

what you need: Pizza sauce, green pepper diced, mushrooms sliced, tomatoes sliced or diced, shredded mozzarella cheese, pineapple chunks, sliced olives, pepperoni, cooked sausage, any other of your favorite pizza toppings. Several cutting boards will also be needed.

Make your pizza crust dough or go and bum a ball off of the closest pizza joint and divide it into small balls large enough for a 6 - 8 in crust. Give everyone a ball of dough and instruct them to flatten it out into a 6-8 in pizza crust on a cutting board. Then you let everyone create their ideal pizza and bring it over to the grill. Carefully slide the pizza off of the cutting board and place it onto the rack in the grill. Let the pizza cook watching the bottom of the crust. Once the crust is brown it is ready to eat. If you would like the toppings to be more melted and browner, lift it onto the top rack and let it continue to heat through. These are the best little pizzas! I love the crispy crust you get when cooking them this way.

We fed the missionaries this pizza last Saturday. They enjoyed it SO much I think they both ate 4 pizzas. One of them remarked that this was a night that would be written about in his journal.

Well, I am off to loom ...... tata