Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This week

Nothing has happened the past few days to tell about. Brisingr was released, you know, the third book in the Eragon series. So of course we are all reading that. Actually, i got it on CD so i get to listen to it and still have my hands free to knit or sew. It is a great way to read if you ask me. I got a fun picture of my little helper yesterday. He found the squmpkin and claimed it for his own.

One of the pumpkins got invaded by some little critter and had a big hole in it so we picked it and brought it in and made pumpkin cake and cookies from it. Pretty yummy! They were even better knowing that the pumpkin came right out of our garden.

I just got another calling as a genealogy specialist in the ward. Too fun! Now,with the new system in place for doing temple work, we will be able to teach people how to use the system in their homes or help them get their ancestor search started. The new system is so cool! Go to and register. You can find yourself and your family members. You can directly enter any new info you have. You can see who still needs work done. Check it out!


Jewelry84097 said...

BUMMER. I get a message that says FamilySearch is not yet available in my area.

Laurie said...

family search is a neat program but it has boo-boos. We have had it for awhile now. Watch out for the mistakes.