Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dishcloth Clothes

Here's tmy latest creations. the dishcloth clothes are the funniest things I have seen in a long time. I LOVE the little dress. I found the patterns on a web site. It only took about 30 minutes to make the dress. There is a cute little poem that goes along with the pants.

Baby J is sporting his new Cammo socks I made for him this week. Baby socks are fun to make! The next pair of socks pictured is a pair I used a pattern for that turned out HUGE. Ok, I thought, they are made from wool yarn so I can felt them. Well, they felted but they did not shrink. So, off to the sewing machine. I sewed a seam up the front reducing them by about an inch all around and Wha-La.... they fit fine and will be very warm and comfy!

I also made baby J a hat for the cold weather but his melon is huge and would not fit into the hat. So, I am try trying again. I hope the second one will fit. The next size loom up is an adult size. No way is his head that big! Take a look, his melon does not look that big does it?

Right now the temperature is 34 degrees outside. The weatherman says we are getting a snow storm tomorrow. There are still leaves on the trees. I hope it is a light snow so we don't get any broken branches. I really don't like the trees to break.

The squmpkins might be pumpkins after all. They are turning orange now. I think we ate some of the smaller ones thinking they wer squash, but they may have been pumpkins all along. Next year we will plant the garden better and so we actually know what we are growing. LOL!

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Tennye said...

That little dress in the top photo is just like one I found in my grandmothers things when she died. I have thought about trying to figure out the pattern and remake it. Did you find a patter for that or just make it up??