Friday, November 28, 2008

Where did November go?

Has it really been over a month since I posted? I have no idea where the time went.
Notice the biggest pumpkins in the picture with the cute little monkey? Well, they are the squmpkins.... they turned orange after they got brought inside. No longer are they mystery fruits : )

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? We got GOBBLED several times this morning. Who cooked dinner today? I found the day to be wonderfully calm and peaceful today due to doing a lot of the cooking yesterday and the day before. Roll dough, pumpkin, pepes, and cornbread for the stuffing were all prepared on Tuesday. The pies were cooked on Wednesday and the cheese ball, bean casserole, and shrimp dip were made on Wednesday as well. So, for today, I got up, got the turkey in the oven, stirred the fruit and cool whip into the pepe salad, rolled out and made the rolls, and mixed up the stuffing. Then, when the turkey came out of the oven, the rolls, stuffing, and beans went in. It was so easy! And yummy!

I really missed the kids, though. It was very quiet and we could have used a little RAGE or Shanghai and some laughs.

The dishwasher has stopped cleaning good and I am really hating having to hand wash or rewash the dishes. We get so spoiled with all the toys and conveniences we have.

Who is shopping tomorrow? NOT ME! No way do I want to go hand to hand with the crowds of rude people around here. I still remember the year the Cabbage Patch doll was ripped out of my arms by a crazed loony. I am going to stay home and eat Pepe salad and work on more socks.

I am looking for inexpensive ideas for neighbor gifts. Also, I need ideas for gifts for the meals on wheels folks that our stake is collecting for. What would be something fun I could donate that would bring a smile to someone?

Gobble Gobble

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Laurie said...

Can I have your roll recipe? My rolls were rocks.

I am glad for the day off today. Leftovers are great too.