Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Great Lizard Hunt Colorado, ....Calgon Take Me Away ...

Did you ever tell someone you would babysit their pet and then accidentally kill it? We started watching a lizard for Brandon on Monday, and Tuesday morning when I went to turn on the lamp, it was dead. BAH What did I do to it? So into the freezer it went. Yesterday, Saturday, I went on the great lizard replacement hunt. Petco, Buckley and Quincy... a not so fun place to shop ..... workers were standing around looking at lizards and frogs but they were not too interested in helping customers. I finally jumped in and said I needed help. 2 workers immediately disappeared and one asked what I needed help with. Out from my purse came my frozen little lizard. "I need one of these only breathing," I said. The worker studied the lizard for a few seconds and told me it was a Bahama Anole. I said OK, I need one. He said, "We don't have them." I said, "OK, do you know who does?" He said he would check. He walked away and I waited for 5 min. When he came back he said that 2 stores had them. One was in Southglenn at Arapahoe (about 15 miles away)and University, the other store was in Englewood at (about 20 miles away) Broadway and Hampden. So I went to Southlands, because I knew the kid really did not check. Of course Southlands did not have any but, they were sure the dead one was a Green anole. Then I decided to check a PetsMart before going all the way to Southglenn, no anoles. So it was off to Southglenn. I drove around Southglenn for 15 minutes, no Petco. I stopped and asked a security guy to show me where the Petco was. IT WAS NOT THERE! Petco is down the road at University and Dry Creek. OK .... off I go. The guy in his store was sure the poor deceased was a Bahama anole and No they did not have those. But, he was more than happy to call a store and find one for me. Oh Boy, there is one just another 10 miles to the west and they will hold it for me. WhooHoo .... off I go. When I got there, the dead lizard had turned into a Green anole again and No, they did not have any of those! All they had left was 1 Bahama anole that did not look like the dead one.

I was done, I bought the stupid lizard and made it home before 9:00pm. Now what am going to do when Little Jared notices that this is not his lizard?

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