Monday, October 5, 2009

do you know where to find a nice background for this blog?

This blog needs some spiffing up. Any ideas?

The weather around here this summer has been colder and rainier than I remember and the garden is gone. I am so discouraged. Nothing grew as well as in past years and the growing season has been cut way too short. We only got 2" cobs of corn and only 1/3 of the squash that we got last year. The plums and pears fell off the trees before they were ready to be picked. The peppers were all miniature. The pumpkins got to be a good size and then they started rotting. The weather has been a big factor in the slow start and slow growth. The hail in the spring devastated the garden not just once, but 3 times. Then the cool temps and lack of sunshine .....

The Good News:
We harvested 4 heads of cabbage that made wonderful coleslaw. The beans were the very best. They were a great success. The tomatoes grew to a large and juicy size but they are still green and the nights are getting down to the 30's. We have been able to eat a few of them. They are yummy.

Anyone need corn stalks? Come 'n get 'em!


Laurie said...

Check out and for cute blog backgrounds.

Our garden did not die but did not produce this year. BUMMER

Laurie said...

oops! that is

Jewelry84097 said... has some backgrounds as well.

Peggy Bennett said...

Don't know about backgrounds, but if you want some fun blog animation, go here: