Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Knit and crochet pictures

I found a pattern for 'green' shopping bags. They are very fun to make. I made 10 of them before I realized I had made that many. Oh, and these darling little apron towels.... Look over it is hanging on the fridge.

I have been home for 2 weeks and working hard. With spring comes all the yard work and preparation for a new garden planting. We have doubled the size of the veggie garden so I have decided that most of my energy this year needs to go into it. There are still a lot of projects that need to be done:

Paint both decks
clean up back yard
clean out grasses in front and plant Cameo Quince
weed and mint control

But I have finished several projects already. I pulled out several vines from the front yard and cut back a rose bush. Sanded and painted a fence, replaced the mailbox, raked, hoed, and planted the garden with peppers, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, beans, pumpkins, regular and lemon cucumbers, strawberries, spaghetti and zucchini squash, cabbage, corn, and an artichoke. I have planted one tomato upside down in a bucket to see for myself how they grow that way. The artichoke is probably in the wrong place because it grows huge and I just planted it on a whim. They get to be 6 feet across and are in the Thistle family. The part that you eat is really a bud. If you let the bud grow it is supposed to become a spectacular flower. I may have to let one flower just to see it. It will also come back every year. So we will have to plan next years garden around the artichoke... : ) so much for not doing your homework before your impulsive plantings.....

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