Saturday, June 30, 2012

A little ray of sunhine

Today is beauty parlor day.  A girl comes in once a week and cuts, trims, shaves and shampoos all day long.  The pampering and the chance to get your hair done like you used to do before you landed in this situation are priceless.  The ladies are lined up outside the door to the beauty parlor 20 minutes before their appointment time.

We thought we would help out a little with the pampering and so we made flowery hair bows for decorating the new hair-dos.  It was fun to see who was sporting a new  flower hair clip as they rolled up and down the halls.  I heard People talking about the flowers in their rooms as I walked past.  The dining room was full of flower decorated ladies at lunch time.  By bedtime there were still a few flower-do's nodding sleepily in the chairs in the lobby.  I think we made the day different and a little special for these cute ladies.  

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