Friday, December 19, 2008

Thunder and Lightning

Today during a blizzard like snow storm we had of all things THUNDER AND LIGHTNING! Have you ever experienced that? It was way cool. I have only seen this happen once before, also in Colorado. This little storm lasted about 30 minutes and then went away and just left more cold and a little snow on the ground.

I have been playing taxi again. This time is is for a member of Rich's ward and his non-member mother. They are in a pretty poor situation (no car, no home) so I have been driving them to the Employment center for classes and interviews, and to the Storehouse for food. Tomorrow we will be helping them get an apartment (hopefully) and moving in.

The ward has been so great about donating money and food for a food basket and help with a little Christmas cheer. These are such great kids! They are so willing to help anyone. It is a great Ward!

I got all the packages mailed today so watch for the mailman. There is nothing big in them, but I wanted to send just a little something to remind you that I love you all and we appreciate everything you do for us.